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Safety and Flow of Information at USMA During COVID-19

At West Point and in the US Army, safety and health of all personnel is

paramount. Not only for the well-being of our Armed Forces, but for the betterment of our entire nation. We need a resilient military in order to protect our country and maintain peace around the world. Through the Chain of Command and support systems available to cadets and their families, The United States Military Academy makes it their top priority to make sure the correct information is available. Especially in times like these.

The flow of information and official statements always stem from the Academy's official Public Affairs Office (PAO). They are a great resource for you and your families during critical times. Depending on the size and scope of a particular update, you might hear official statements directly from the top leadership at the Academy, such as the Superintendent, Command of Cadets or Dean of Academics. Once the official information has been tasked out to the PAO, the direct supervisors of the Corps of Cadets, the Tactical Officers and NCOs make it their duty to follow up on the taskings and enforce the guidelines. This is to ensure the readiness and safety of cadets and all other USMA Staff.

When the academic year is in session and cadets are on “campus”, usual announcements take place when the entire Corps is gathered together for meals. Cadet Central Guard Room announcements are also common, with loudspeakers in all barracks. For example, the famous “TAPs” melody is played by CGR for all the barracks to hear, signaling it is time for every cadet to be in their rooms and turn lights off.

Staying fit and healthy is crucial to the Army mission. At West Point, the current class structure will be that of a virtual setting. As will future application events and virtual “tours” of the Academy. We will provide updates accordingly with respect to the flow of information. In addition to the flow of communication, there are other support systems to help such as:

  1. Army Chaplains – there are four Army Officers who are in Official Chaplain capacity assigned to be of assistance and support to West Point cadets and the community.

  2. The Center of Enhanced Performance – is West Point’s comprehensive student assistance center. The CEP helps cadets achieve excellence in West Point’s three developmental pillars, academic, physical and military, through education efforts and training to optimize cadet performance.

  3. Sponsors – The entire USMA staff and faculty make it their mission to ensure the development of cadets. As a cadet, you will be placed with an Army Officer or civilian faculty member who acts as your sponsor. They will be someone you can rely on for mentorship, military development and act as a source of support throughout the academic year.

As a cadet, you should always maintain contact with both your cadet and officer Chain of Command (CoC). This includes your cadet supervisor e.g. Team Leader, Squad Leader, Platoon leader...etc and your Tactical officer and NCO (TAC team - typically an Army Captain and a Sergeant First Class). The CoC will always have the correct information or know where to find the correct information. If ever you struggle to reach your CoC be sure to reach out to the Corps of Cadets Central Guard Room (CGR).

As of March 13th, the U.S Military Academy will be temporarily closed to visitors until further notice. The return of the Corps of Cadets from spring break has been delayed. We continue to encourage our cadets, staff and faculty to practice heightened hygiene measures. Some of the planned precautions include: 

  • Individual screening  

  • Isolation for those who have traveled to specific areas of concern 

  • Implementing social distancing measures  

  • Remote learning  

These are unprecedented times, but together we will get through this. As you surely know COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with the Department of Defense (DoD), continue to assess the risks to provide guidance on the spread of the virus and the U.S. Government response. The U.S. Military Academy and U.S. Army Garrison at West Point are closely monitoring the situation. Cadet Candidates and their families are asked to please be patient during this time in regards to any applications and scheduled visits to West Point.

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